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Flying the best aircraft but logging flying the old fashioned way?

AutoFlightLog allows you to digitally maintain your logbook.

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Data backed up on secure company’s servers on cloud.

Sync across multiple devices.


App designed by Pilots’ for Pilots’

Print your monthly/quarterly flying/ simulator exercises
with page totals as per you logbook format.

CA 39 generation for 6/12 months.


Auto alerts of pending expiries.

Auto backup of logbook data.

Auto tracking of flying currency.

Auto Flightlog

Welcome to AutoFlight Log – Your personal e-logbook. AutoFlight log has been developed by the team which shares the passion about improving pilot’s logbook maintenance issues .
Keeping a track of flying hours manually is frustrating and confusing exercise for all of us. We have seen many of us taking out our small diary to note down the flying on a daily basis. Why can’t a simple app do the whole thing?
AutoFlightLog has been designed by a team of pilots’ with features that most of us use on a daily basis .This app meets the stringent requirements of pilots. It is being used across the world.
We are happy to say that we have tried out best and are proud to deliver this product to you. Do give us a Feedback ( to develop your country specific requirements.
Go ahead, enjoy our app, be free from paper logs and Wish you Happy Landings !!


Clean design

Easy to add data with configurable fields Defaults to auto populate routine data

Import Logbook

Transition from your costly current app to new age design by importing your data

Export Logbook

Mail/Print your Monthly/ Quarterly flying or simulator exercises in the desired format with page totals precalculated.


Never worry about data being lost. Continuous backup on secure servers. Stay Happy !!!


Keep a track of your recency and FDTL flying limits as per your regulator to decide whether you are legal to fly.

Crew Access

Access your company website for data through the app and transition back routinely


Maintain a gallery of your aircraft, airports and colleagues through the app.


Keep a track of your impending expiries by setting alerts to notify you.

Import Logbook

This app allows you to import your logbook into Auto FlightLog. Your log book data may be in Excel or Text Format (from apps like Log10). Remember, our team is always ready to help you out in conducting the transfer. We will assist you in transfer of data without any losses. Please e-mail your data file to There will be minimal charges to upload the data on the app.


You can use the app for three months without any charges.

The app tracks you by your unique email id. Hence, make sure that you log in by your personal id and not an official one.

Use the Forgot password option to receive a link to reset your password in your registered mail id.

It takes a while for the data to be uploaded on the server and downloaded to the second device. Give it a few seconds and have your favorite drink while the device syncs with the server.

No sweat. Just download the app on the new device. Log in with your mail id. The system will automatically sync and update your data in a few seconds.

Use the import logbook tab on the website to understand the process. Remember, the import document needs to be in a specific format for this function to succeed. Refer to for further information. We will provide all technical help for your import. Write to

Use the Settings ? Backup option.

Use it to connect to the servers with mobile data or wifi only

Select Take off/ Landing will store your flight time as per your Total time. Selecting Out/ In will calculate your Total Time from the time you pushed back till your Chocks on.

The Ecrew Login can be used to access your airline data currently. In the next version, this will enable you to download your actual flight logbook and accept the flight log data.

Please enter your current licence data on the Settings >> Build Log Book menu. All other licences can be entered in Currency >> Validity menu with associated images.

Select EDIT, choose the aircraft from drop down menu, revise the flying hours and SAVE to change the flying hours.

Yes we can import your logbook from any other app or excel sheet. Please export the data, download it, and mail it to us at We will check it and do it for you. This service is free only as an introductory offer to all subscribers.

Just enter Simu in the Aircraft ID field to activate the Simulator logbook menu.

Out- Chocks Off, Off- Takeoff, On- Landing, In- Chocks on.

Use the Config tab in the Logbook submenu to remove the unwanted fields and enter DONE.

It stands for incomplete data after pressing the ADD button. You haven’t filled an essential field. Please select the flight to complete all the mandatory fields and LOCK it to remove the shading.

The helicopter hours are filled in the Multi Engine columns in the DGCA logbook. They are filled in Helicopter column in the Jeppessen Logbbok.

Please write a mail to us at Fill flight data in UTC for the time being.

You can’t delete a flight. However, you can overwrite it with fresh data and lock it. A Yellow shaded flight can also be overwritten and locked to remove the shading.

CLEAR button will alllow you to clear all the data except the default values from the logbbok entry.

ADD button allows you to store a half filled flight entry on the Left side. However, the entry will be in Yellow background to indicate incomplete data.

Select CONFIG option on the Top Right Hand Side of the Logbbok menu. Configure Each section as required removing the nonessential fields. Press DONE on completion to lock your choices.

Select the flight from the left side, make the changes and LOCK it again.

Select the particular aircraft type, press on the aircraft model to activate the camera. Store the photograph.

Select the airport, press the symbol next to it to open the data of the airport, press the aircraft symbol to activate the camera/ gallery.

Just tick the STL box in the logbook to log your flight as STL.

Simply add the instructional hours in the time field.

Please enter N / E as positive values. Ex 73.245, 045.256. S/ W should have a Minus sign. Ex -73.245, -045.45

Yes. You can do that as per your regulator’s restrictions.

The user should have flown one flight in last 30 days and three flights in last 90 days.

The app tabulates your hours flown in last 7/30/365 days and displays it on the left side. On the right side, it gives you the hours left that you can fly today. It will turn red in case you have exceeded the limit values. These limits can be set in Settings >> Default >> Flight Time Limitations menu.

Simply start another CUSTOM document.

The caution menu on Validity page will Caution you on the defined date about the impending expiry of the relevant qualification. A red pop up will attract your attention. Max caution can be upto 180 days.

This means that the document is successfully loaded on the server and is safe with us.

You can store upto FOUR images per document. Start another document if you need to store more images.

Yes. Simply select the image and tap on it to upload a fresh one.

The logbook export is only possible after subscription.

This allows you to define the number of rows per page to calculate the page totals and other details of your log book.


Capt Ankit Singh Chahel

Hi,I heard about AutoFlightLog from my colleagues. I tried the app and switched over from my current very expensive app to AutoFlightLog.The transition was seamless and without any glitches. They were able to import my flight wise data in their app without any glitches.Tech Support during the switchover was superb and instantaneous. Whatsapp support is a great feature. I love the app. it's intuitive,simple and ticks all the right boxes.Thank you AutoFlightLog team.I would recommend this app to every pilot anywhere in the world.

Capt Manoj Kumar

Hi,As an Air Force pilot, I had diligently maintained an electronic record of my flying for the past twenty years. However,I wanted to have it in the form of an app to add data on a daily basis.AutoFlightLog team resolved this issue with their app. They uploaded my data on to the app without any problems. I am very happy to have my entire flying data on the app.Of course, the app is wonderful. It has useful feature to pull out the yearly CA-39 which is a pain point for many pilots’. The page wise tabulation of monthly logbook data makes my Log Book writing a breeze.Thanks you Auto FlightLog team.

Capt Bismi Devassy

Hi everyone. As an airline pilot, I have been using AutoFlightLog since its launch. The app is fabulous. It is simple, intuitive and easy to use.It is simple to set up. No complicated questions and extra data that is irrelevant is required.I did not have my data in electronic form before. Narain Aviation digitized my data of last 20 years and uploaded it on the app. I loved this part. All this while, the techsupport was very responsive.I use this app everyday. Whatsapp support provided me instant answers some issues. I would recommend users to read the FAQs. It takes less than five minutes and allowed me to understand the working of the app.I would recommend all budding pilots’ to start their careers by using this app.This app rocks!!!

Capt Smit Machchhar

Hi, I was using another log book app which lost my data. I only had a digital roster from ARMS with all my flight details. I requested the tech support at AutoFlightLog to digitize the data and upload it on the app.The tech team was very supportive. They corrected my data, got the times to GMT, made the necessary changes in Day/ Night flights and accurately uploaded my data on their app.I really heaved a sigh of relief. AutoFlightLog system of keeping the data on server and the device always is a boon. Thanks to AutoFlightLog, I recovered my complete data. I would recommend this app to all pilot's.Thank you AutoFlightLog Team

About Us

Auto FlightLog is more about passion and less about economics. Most of us fly the best that human engineering can develop.However, even after flying the best that human mind can conjure, it was left to good old paper-pencil and a small diary to note down the flight data. And we, at Narain Aviation felt that this was unfair to all the pilots’.
Space and flights have been literally and metaphorically the far edge of human endeavour. It seems surprising that a simple and economic app that meets the need of pilots’ is yet to be seen on the app stores. We started working on this need and have come up with the initial versions. The app has been designed by pilots' with more than three decades of experience. The inputs to make it pilot friendly were given by over two dozen pilots'. We acknowledge their contribution in making this work. Thank you friends.
There will be continuos improvements to meet further needs and make users life comfortable. This is our pledge.
We are a young team and we are looking forward to inputs from all our users. This will help us improve the app. Any suggestions from your end is welcome. Please use the appropriate email ID in our contact us tab to send us the mail. We will respond appropriately.
Happy Landings!!!