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Flying the best aircraft but logging flying the old fashioned way?

AutoFlightLog allows you to digitally maintain your logbook.

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Data backed up on secure company’s servers on cloud.

Sync across multiple devices.


App designed by Pilots’ for Pilots’

Print your monthly/quarterly flying/ simulator exercises
with page totals as per you logbook format.

CA 39 generation for 6/12 months.


Auto alerts of pending expiries.

Auto backup of logbook data.

Auto tracking of flying currency.

Auto Flightlog

Welcome to AutoFlight Log – Your personal e-logbook. AutoFlight log has been developed by the team which shares the passion about improving pilot’s logbook maintenance issues .
Keeping a track of flying hours manually is frustrating and confusing exercise for all of us. We have seen many of us taking out our small diary to note down the flying on a daily basis. Why can’t a simple app do the whole thing?
AutoFlightLog has been designed by a team of pilots’ with features that most of us use on a daily basis .This app meets the stringent requirements of pilots. It is being used across the world.
We are happy to say that we have tried out best and are proud to deliver this product to you. Do give us a Feedback ( to develop your country specific requirements.
Go ahead, enjoy our app, be free from paper logs and Wish you Happy Landings !!


Clean design

Easy to add data with configurable fields Defaults to auto populate routine data

Import Logbook

Transition from your costly current app to new age design by importing your data

Export Logbook

Mail/Print your Monthly/ Quarterly flying or simulator exercises in the desired format with page totals precalculated.


Never worry about data being lost. Continuous backup on secure servers. Stay Happy !!!


Keep a track of your recency and FDTL flying limits as per your regulator to decide whether you are legal to fly.

Crew Access

Access your company website for data through the app and transition back routinely


Maintain a gallery of your aircraft, airports and colleagues through the app.


Keep a track of your impending expiries by setting alerts to notify you.

Import Logbook

This app allows you to import your logbook into Auto FlightLog. Your log book data may be in Excel or Text Format (from apps like Log10). Remember, our team is always ready to help you out in conducting the transfer. We will assist you in transfer of data without any losses. Please e-mail your data file to There will be minimal charges to upload the data on the app.